Medical care

Regular medical checks are carried out in school and help and advice on medical matters can be obtained from the School Nurse by appointment.

Cuts and bruises from accidents or boisterous play are dealt with in school and you will be advised if your child has had a head injury. If a child needs hospital treatment it is important that we can get in touch with you. We ask every parent to complete an emergency form giving essential details of telephone contact numbers, medical problems and the name of a responsible person whom we can contact, if in the event we cannot contact you. It is essential that we have up-to-date telephone numbers where parents can be contacted if necessary.

A register is kept in school of all children who are asthmatic. The register is updated at the beginning of each school year. Where a child has asthma and needs to use an inhaler, a letter can be provided so that you may get 2 inhalers from your GP. BOTH inhalers will have to be kept in school clearly marked with the child’s name and the year they are in. This letter is available from the Headteacher upon request.

Please click here for Asthma Form (document opens in new window).

Parents should inform school if their child is allergic to plasters.

Guidelines for exclusion due to the most common infectious diseases.

  • Measles 7 days from onset of rash
  • Rubella 7 days from the onset of rash
  • Mumps 7 days after swelling subsides
  • Chickenpox 6 days from onset of rash
  • Whooping Cough 21 day from onset of cough

The School Nurse may visit school to test eyesight and hearing and to attend to any other physical problems, which may arise. Routine medical examinations are carried out throughout the year and parents are encouraged to attend. Where there is concern about a child’s health or development, progress is monitored on a more regular basis. Dental inspections take place regularly. School nurses no longer carry out hair inspections. Please check your child’s hair frequently for signs of nits or head lice. The nurse will be pleased to advise you if treatment is necessary.

Safeguarding Notice

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