Year 1

Autumn-1 2017 Newsletter Y1

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Welcome to Year 1

We have been very busy this week and the children have all been Super-Duper and settled in well

Please note…

P.E. days

P.E. is on Mondays and Thursdays.

Please can you check that your child has all the correct P.E. kit and that it is in class asap for this half term.

School P.E kit:

Black shorts and/or jogging bottoms (for indoor and outdoor P.E.)

A white t-shirt

Black pumps or black trainers

P.E kits should be in school for the full half term and will be returned for washing at the end of each half term.

It is a HUGE help if names are on ALL items, including P.E bags! Many thanks in advance.

Homework and Spellings

Homework will be sent home on Fridays to be returned to class on the following Wednesday.

We hope that you enjoy our homework challenges and that these will enhance children’s natural curiosity for learning!
Children will receive a home learning logbook, with a sticker incentive chart at the front. For every piece of homework completed, children will receive a sticker for their chart.

Children will be encouraged to share with the class in show and tell for great efforts and outstanding pieces of homework.
Children will also receive their spellings to practise in a spelling home book on Mondays for a test on the following Monday.


Children in Year 1 are set into reading groups and books will be changed once a week depending on which day they read with a teacher. Children have levelled book bands that are set according to their current level of decoding words to read and comprehension understanding. When they have read ALL the books in that band colour or we feel they are ready for the next book band they will move up a colour.
Children will also receive a reading reward card so children can see clearly where they are in their reading and there will also be incentives to read through the book bands quickly and move children onto the next book band colour.

Children LOVE to read and share stories and you can help!

Children will move quickly through the book band colours if they are reading at home every day. It is also great for their understanding if they are sharing different stories with you every day and retelling these stories, even by just looking at the pictures together or acting them out! Puppets and props are great!

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s reading, please come and see me at the end of the day and I will be happy to help.
Year 1 is also the year in which your child will take part in the national phonics screening check therefore we really encourage you to read with your child as much as possible throughout the year to give them the very best chance in passing this national reading assessment. This assessment will not take place until June 2018 and I will give out further information closer to this date. However if you are interested in learning more sooner please visit website.
We are very much looking forward to year the ahead!