E-Safety Links

Social Networking Site Useful Links Read’s ‘terms of service
Read’s safety tipsReporting on
You do not need to be logged into the site (i.e. a user) to report.
When you move your mouse over any post on someone else’s profile, you will see an option to like the post and also a drop down arrow which allows you to report the post.
BBM Read BBM rules and safety
Facebook Read Facebook’s rules
Report to Facebook
Facebook Safety Centre
Instagram Report to Instagram
Instagram Safety Centre
Kik Messenger Read Kik’s rules
Report to Kik
Kik Help Centre
Snapchat Read Snapchat rules
Report to Snapchat
Read Snapchat’s safety tips for parents
Tumblr Read Tumblr’s rules
Report to Tumblr by emailing:
If you email Tumblr take a screen shot as evidence and attach it to your email
Twitter Read Twitter’s rules
Report to Twitter
Vine Read Vine’s rules
Contacting Vine and reporting
YouTube Read YouTube’s rules
Report to YouTube
YouTube Safety Centre