Christians believe that God loves and cares for them in many different ways in all aspects of their life. They know that their response to this provision should be one of thankfulness and praise.

Bible verses about thankfulness

We thank God for the guidance He gave people in the Bible and the guidance He gives us.

During the day the LORD went in front of them in a pillar of cloud to show them the way, and during the night he went in front of them in a pillar of fire to give them light, so that they could travel night and day.

Exodus 13:21

We should give thanks to God for all we have.

Always give thanks for everything to God the Father.

Ephesians 5:20

We should give out of our thankfulness (gratitude) for all we have.

Give to them freely and unselfishly, and the LORD will bless you in everything you do.

Deuteronomy 15:10

We thank God for all those people we have around us.

I thank my God always when I remember you in my prayers.

Philemon 1:4

Collective worship

Our collective worship on Thankfulness is in Autumn 1 2017.

The weekly themes are:

  • 11/09/17 – Thankful for authority 10 commandments in the Bible and rules in society.
  • 18/09/17 – Thankful for guidance (help) Moses was guided by God in the Bible. In the world, doctors, dentists, police, fire brigade etc. give guidance. In schools and homes, adults give guidance to the children in their care.
  • 25/09/17 – Give out of gratitude Launch of new school charity supporting 2017/18  Looking at Christians giving 10% of money to church/charity.
  • 02/10/17 – Harvest Background to Harvest and Harvest festival in church
  • 09/10/17 – What are we thankful for? Material and non-material things/people can be thankful for. The Parable of the Talents shows us to use what we are given and be thankful for it.
  • 16/10/17 – Who are we thankful to/for? Focusing on being thankful for people and people being thankful to God in the Bible
  • 2310/17 – Expressing gratitude How do we show people our thanks?

Also looking at ways gratitude is shown in the Bible – songs, music, poems, prayers, letters etc.

Examples of thankfulness found in the story of Moses

All found in the book of Exodus:

1. Moses was saved as a baby
2. God’s message – he cares
3. God helps – and other people can help too
4. Moses and his people escaped from Egypt
5. They crossed The Red Sea by it being parted
6. God provides food and drink
7. God gave the 10 commandments
8. He helped them on the journey
9. Reminders about His faithfulness
10. God’s promises are fulfilled

Examples of gratitude in the Gospels

  • Mary was thankful for the future birth of God’s son [Luke 1]
  • Zechariah was thankful for the birth of his son John (the baptist) [Luke 1]
  • The disciples were thankful for the storm being stilled [Matthew 8]
  • 5000 people were miraculously fed by Jesus and gave thanks [Mark 6]
  • Zaccheus was thankful for Jesus visiting his house [Luke 19]
  • Blind Bartimaeus was thankful that Jesus had restored his sight [Mark 10]
  • The Samaritan leper was thankful that Jesus had healed him [Luke 17]
  • Jairus was thankful that his daughter was brought back to life [Mark 5]
  • Mary and Martha were thankful their brother Lazarus was brought back to life [John 11]
  • From Jesus’ stories [Luke 15]:
    • The shepherd was thankful for finding his lost sheep
    • The woman was thankful for finding her lost coin
    • The father was thankful when his son returned home
  • Mary Magdalene was thankful because Jesus had come back to life [John 20]